to make a difference

Annual Report


Who We Are

We are a team of specialist palliative care nurses, supportive care advisors, patient and family support volunteers, and compassionate administration and support staff. Established by community members in 1985, our not for profit organisation has guided patients, and supported carers and families to live, die and grieve well.

Our Values

Our Vision
To offer our community a specialist palliative care service
focused on end of life issues and care.

Our Mission

Ballarat Hospice Care, using a skilled, interdisciplinary
team approach, facilitates with compassion, the provision
of home based, holistic palliative and end of life care.

Our Aims

  1. To provide specialist palliative care equitably and responsively within available resources.
  2. To promote palliative care values within the community.

Our Philosophy

We believe that

  • the care of patients must acknowledge the whole person in their social context.
  • grief, loss and death are a part of life.
  • suffering can be alleviated by providing support relevant to patients and carers, which reflects their choices.
  • all patients and carers are entitled to open, honest communication, which respects choices and autonomy.
  • caring for ourselves and each other enables us to care for others.
  • bereavement support is an essential element in supporting people after significant loss.
The Difference We Make


  • make a difference to the patients, carers and families we support. Our holistic approach to care means that we walk alongside people; supporting, empowering and caring for them.
  • ensure our services are responsive to the individual needs of each patient, carer and family.
  • provide in-home specialist palliative care, addressing physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.
  • work closely with other health and community services.


We offer

  • in home specialist palliative care nursing.
  • 24 hour nursing support.
  • volunteer support.
  • support to make current and future care choices.
  • carer and patient education.
  • equipment loan to enhance comfort and safety.


We aim to

  • support people to feel safe.
  • enhance quality of life.
  • work together to achieve choices on how to live and die.
Our Strategic Goals
  1. Client and community
    A home based, person-centred, specialist palliative and end of life care service with the capacity to meet diverse and evolving community needs, a service which is provided in collaboration with patients, carers, other service providers and community stakeholders.

  2. Our people and our business
    A quality and sustainable business and service delivery model that has a collaborative and inclusive approach.

  3. Sustainable performance and governance
    We are governed and managed for sustainable performance, including financial sustainability.

  4. Innovation and learning
    Working in partnership with other service providers, we will achieve excellence, innovation and learning in palliative and end of life care for the benefit of all.
Acknowledgement and inclusion


  • acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land where we live and work, the Wadawurrung and Dja Dja Wurrung people. We pay our respect to Elders past, present and emerging, and to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.
  • are committed to ensuring our services are safe, respectful, equitable and inclusive to all people, their carers and families.
  • welcome and work with people of every age, health status, race, ability, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, culture, linguistic background, and financial status.


This year we particularly acknowledge and celebrate

Kath Connors

Supportive Care Volunteer – 35 Years

Supporting others has been the focus of Kath’s volunteering; providing trusted companionship, visiting patients and carers at their home. Kath’s simple acts of kindness allowed people to step away from the caring role to look after themselves knowing that the person they cared for was well looked after. Kath has made a real difference to our service and our community through her caring volunteer role.

Amanda (Mandy) Martin

Specialist Palliative Care Nurse – 20 Years

Mandy is known for going above and beyond for the people she cares for and for being completely present with patients and carers. She brings tremendous compassion, humour and honesty while making a real difference to the lives of those she works with.

Leanne Burns

Specialist Palliative Care Nurse – 20 Years

Leanne has contributed to the growth and wellbeing of Ballarat Hospice Care as an organisation and our community. She has a gentle ability to quietly work through things and come up with beneficial outcomes for all; supportive both to the people she cares for and those she works with. Her positive contribution has helped make Hospice the much loved organisation that it is.

“It’s the people and the other volunteers that have kept me volunteering at Ballarat Hospice Care. It’s a very satisfying and rewarding role where you definitely get way more than you give.”

Kath Connors

“I love what I do! It is a gift and an honour to be involved and care for our patients. They teach me about life, love and what is truly important.”

Amanda (Mandy) Martin

“It is because of the patients, their carers and families and the hope that I make a difference. I get as much out of their care as I hope I give. They have taught me to have a deeper appreciation for life, my family and health.”

Leanne Burns

The following volunteers achieved significant years of service milestones. We are grateful for their willingness and loyalty:

Five years of service:

  • Carole Black
  • Graham Pearce
  • Joan Jeffery
  • LaLa Ma
  • Margaret Egan
  • Wendy Woolcock

Ten years of service:

  • Barrie McCausland
  • Mary Douglas

Carer Recognition

Ballarat Hospice Care Inc. takes all practicable measures to ensure that its employees and agents have an awareness and understanding of the care relationship principles in relation to the Carer Recognition Act 2012 (Vic) and the Statement for Australian Carers in the Carer Recognition Act 2010 (Cth).

Child Safety

Ballarat Hospice Care Inc. is committed to creating and maintaining a child safe organisation where protecting children and preventing and responding to child abuse is embedded in the everyday thinking and practice of all management, employees, volunteers and contractors. Ballarat Hospice Care has zero tolerance for child abuse.

Our Committee of Management

Rob Knowles AO

Geoff Russell
B.A. (Sociology), Grad. Dip. Bus. Admin., Dip. Fin. Services. GAICD

Deputy Chair
Kevin Harper
FCR (Lond.), Grad. RMA Sandhurst, MACPM, ARSCM, L.Th

Sandra Marston
Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Science (Hons), Chartered Accountant


Neale Gribble
Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Commerce

Meredith Johnson
Bachelor Economics

David Leach
Bachelor of Theology, TPTC.

Stephen Lewis
Bachelor of Business, Certified Practising Accountant & member Tax Institute Australia

Welcomed January 2021

New Members

Mandy Macdonald
Diploma of Human Resource Management, Diploma of OH&S, Diploma of Management

I am inspired to create positive outcomes within our community. I truly believe that we all have a role to play in making our community a great place. I have a genuine interest in people and enjoy working collaboratively to see what’s possible and to empower organisations and individuals to reach their full potential. I have held executive management and board director roles within the not for profit and community services sector for more than 12 years. I look forward to continuing to work with the team at Ballarat Hospice Care to continue supporting our community with their end of life needs into the future.

Malcolm Weaver
Diploma of Business, former Chartered Accountant

I have experienced firsthand the support of Ballarat Hospice Care and when asked to consider nominating for the Board, I did not hesitate. I will draw upon previous governance role experience along with over 30 years of skill, knowledge and expertise developed working as a chartered accountant, business planner and strategic advisor. I aim to provide relevant practical guidance to the future direction of Ballarat Hospice Care.

Sub Committees

Geoff Russell (Chair)
Sandra Marston
Stephen Lewis

Risk Management
Neale Gribble (Chair)
Meredith Johnson

Community Engagement
Kevin Harper (Chair)
David Leach

Quality and Compliance
Meredith Johnson (Chair)
Geoff Russell

Neale Gribble (Chair)
Geoff Russell
Meredith Johnson
Stephen Lewis

Our Staff

Chief Executive Officer
Carita Clancy

Clinical Operations Manager
Melanie Mattinson

Medical Director
Dr David Brumley OAM

Community Engagement Manager
Michelle MacGillivray

Finance Manager
Kerrie Smith

Quality and Compliance Manager and Op Shop Manager
Karen Taylor

Op Shop Coordinator
Darcy Irvin (Welcomed June 2021)

Lee Ellis
Caryl Whitfield

Stores Coordinator
Peter Jones

Equipment & Maintenance
Peter Parry
Roger Simkin (Welcomed June 2021)

Payroll Officer
Judy Danvers

Research Coordinator
Diane Nimmo

Research Nurses
Bernadette Gravina
Vicky Smith

Specialist Palliative Care Nurses
Leanne Burns
Phillip Damon
Jenny D’Antonio
Debbie Hubble
Prue Kelly
Brendan King
Janine Lynch
Mandy Martin
Nicola McMahon (Welcomed August 2020)
Sharon Moss
Simon Murphy
Jacinta Smith (Welcomed July 2020)
Vicky Smith
Katrina Tansey

Supportive Care Coordinator
Glenda Marsden

Supportive Care Advisors
Katherine Gillespie (Welcomed October 2020)
Julie Hassard (Welcomed July 2020)
Katrina Tansey

Volunteer Coordinator
Lauren Zeuschner

Responsible Ministers and Officers

For the reporting period:

The Hon Martin Foley, Minister for Health

The Hon Jenny Mikakos, former Minister for Health

Kym Peake, former Secretary Department of Health and Human Services

Professor Euan Wallace, Secretary Department of Health

Theresa Williamson, Manager End of Life Care and Patient Choice, Metro Performance and Improvement

Judy Perkins, Manager Rural Health Performance, Grampians Region

Greg McIntosh, Manager Agency Performance and System Support, Central Highlands Area, West Division

John Koopmans, Adviser Aged, Homelessness and Community Programs Team, Central Highlands Area, West Division, Department of Families, Fairness and Housing


All at Ballarat Hospice Care value the contributions of:

Phillip Damon
Specialist Palliative Care Nurse

Phil, who came with broad experience in palliative and end of life care, and was with us for over nine years. The wisdom, knowledge and skills he gained from working in different organisations and countries over the years made Phil an exceptional nurse; always with compassion, kindness and humour. He made the complicated uncomplicated for patients and their families.

He was a friend and inspiration to his colleagues and he contributed to the growth and development of Ballarat Hospice Care. We were fortunate that he had so much to give for which we are truly grateful.

“After nine and a half years, it is with some sadness that I depart from my role as a Community Palliative Care Nurse with Ballarat Hospice Care. In a world where I hear many complain about being dissatisfied with their workplace, I feel so fortunate that mine has been a delight.

Whereas most organisations aspire to being well-oiled machines, Ballarat Hospice is more like a healthy organism where human touch, kindness and comfort are priorities.

A community service that breathes care and compassion and walks with purpose and pride.

Being part of the Hospice Team has been such a privilege and I know that I will always be part of the Hospice Family and they will always be part of me.”

Phillip Damon

Judy Danvers

Judy, for her work to improve and consolidate payroll systems; always calm, patient and a joy to work with.

Bernadette Gravina
Research Nurse

Bernadette, for her work on the Rapid Discharge project, which has led to improved services and strengthened partnerships with other health services in our community. Bernadette always provided an alternative perspective and raised opportunities.


With sadness, respect and gratitude we acknowledge:

Newell Barrett, a valued and early patient support volunteer, who retired from his volunteering role in 2012 and died in August 2020. He dedicated over twenty years to volunteering with Ballarat Hospice Care. A man of strong values, kindness and community focus.

Linda Diamond, an original founding member of Ballarat Hospice Care’s Special Interest Group, she died in March 2021. Linda was renowned for her warm hugs, generosity, wonderful cake making and decorating skills who supported Ballarat Hospice Care for many years.

Beverley Pike, an original Op Shop volunteer; joining us when it first opened at the Church on Drummond Street South, later at Little Bridge Street and then continued the journey with us to Sturt Street. Bev died in January 2021; she was a little lady with a big heart.

From our Chair and CEO

The year required all of us to be brave and courageous. Despite the constant changes requiring flexible and timely responses we managed to use the Ballarat Hospice Care Palliative Care Hub to its full advantage when the timing was right and the space was available. Our service continued and we have grown closer to our community. We continued to value our connection with our staff, volunteers, patients and families. We also appreciated the opportunities to collaborate and partner with supporters, donors, the Department of Health, Department of Family Fairness and Housing, local, state and federal governments, local health services noting in particular; Ballarat Health Services, Grampians Region Palliative Care Team, Central Highlands Health Service, Ballarat Community Health, Community Pharmacies, Grampians Regional Palliative Care Consortium, GPs, District Nursing services and all the primary health care services we worked with over the past twelve months.

The most common comment from our visitors about our Palliative Care Hub is that it is a beautiful and calm space; as was described in our strategic direction and one that will …allow us to take our service to a whole new dimension (2018). We are truly grateful for the hard work and investment of time and money in our staff, volunteers and our community to allow our dreams to come true. It is a welcoming place for families and carers where they feel safe and supported and truly is a “safe landing place” for people dealing with end of life. Included in our strategy was to build a haven for all who use it, including staff, volunteers, patients, carers and families; this has been achieved. We have talented staff and volunteers who continue to offer a quality service in the way they care for our community, while at the same time progressing systems that strengthen partnerships and ensure that we are offering contemporary and quality care. The Committee of Management and leadership stayed the course and made wise decisions that resulted in:

  • Professional development for the Committee of Management working toward formally becoming a Board of Governance. Also investing time to review our past Strategic Plan 2018–2021 and to write our future plan for 2021–2024. Our new plan will guide the organisation to grow, build on and create new ways of doing business while continuing to embrace our values and our purpose which keep us grounded. At the same time, the Committee aim to always be a positive influence on how the community views and understands palliative and end of life care; to feel comfortable to have the conversation and make those conversations a part of our everyday life.


  • Appreciating the work of all members of the subcommittees who work tirelessly and with integrity to ensure that we are reviewing our risks and managing them appropriately, that we are financially viable with a look to the future and our services are compliant and meet quality standards. These subcommittees achieve what they do with the support of Karen Taylor, Quality and Compliance Manager and Kerrie Smith, Finance Manager whose attention to detail is greatly valued in preparation and timely presentation of reports, which ensure the members are making informed decisions.


  • Welcoming Mandy Macdonald and Malcolm Weaver to our Committee of Management. They have positively contributed to the dynamic conversation and decision making in our governance process. We are grateful for the contribution of each committee member and the roles they undertake along with the time they invest to ensure Ballarat Hospice Care is a strong, honest, quality and financially viable organisation.


  • Introducing a new Model of Care bringing changes to our Organisational Structure. A review was undertaken with a focus on managing service demand balanced with budget and staff wellbeing. This has resulted in clearer communication lines while continuing to maintain a collaborative approach in how we work. Mel Mattinson has grown in the role of Clinical Operations Manager and is a values based leader who maintains calm and supports staff effectively while we traverse the many changes in our planning and responses to a changing world. The new structure provides strength to our future business continuity and sustainability.


  • Strengthening community engagement and being a positive influence in palliative and end of life care. For this we give thanks to Kevin Harper and David Leach for guiding Michelle MacGillivray, Community Engagement Manager through the Community Engagement Committee. Michelle’s skill, knowledge and ability to engage has made our communications clear, consistent and considerate giving opportunity for all to think about what matters most. We thank her for taking the time to understand Ballarat Hospice Care and truly value her willingness and skill at providing the right messages to our community.


  • Engaging widely with our community, staff and partners to enrich our strategic planning. We were informed by a range of perspectives about our strengths and opportunities to increase or broaden our focus; the input was invaluable and led to robust discussions during our strategic planning process.


  • Demonstration of leadership as we work toward our first Reconciliation Action Plan with an exploration to understand internal knowledge and awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, history and practices. We were led in a lively discussion by Bonnie Chew, Aboriginal Cultural Consultant from Mirriyu Cultural Consulting.


  • Building our volunteer community. Lauren Zeuschner, our Volunteer Coordinator is acknowledged here for her remarkable ability to keep our volunteers connected ensuring they know how much they are valued. Lauren’s clever ability with sensitivity also managed to recruit new volunteers with an approach that enables them to use the skills that they enjoy. Connection, training and recruitment was at times undertaken remotely and on occasions at the Palliative Care Hub. We thank Lauren and each and every one of our volunteers for their unique contribution and sincerely hope that they enjoy being part of Ballarat Hospice Care for many days to come.


  • Research and innovation resulting in a raised profile of Ballarat Hospice Care while improving outcomes for patients and families and all who care for them. Diane Nimmo our Research and Project Coordinator has led the Rapid Discharge Project, funded by the Department of Health, 2019 Palliative Care Service Innovation and Development Grant. This work strengthened our relationship with Ballarat Health Services and the Grampians Regional Palliative Care Team. Diane’s positive attitude and attention to detail is a valued contribution to the growth and the reputation of Ballarat Hospice Care.


  • Friends of Hospice Op Shop: The shop has had its ups and downs over the past 12 months. It has been repainted, recarpeted and fitted out to a high standard with the support of the owner who we greatly value and respect. We thank the many generous people who continued to volunteer and donate despite the temporary closure of our shop.


We respect and again are so grateful to each and every staff member and volunteer for the way they bring their true selves to work and give it their all when performing their roles. Our community loves us because of them. On that note, Ballarat Hospice Care would not be the organisation it is, without our history and values which give us meaning and purpose; these in turn add to our culture and guides how we perform and care for our staff, volunteers, patients and their families and our community. We again acknowledge that we cannot achieve what we do alone. We value all who have made a difference to our service, our growth as an organisation and our willingness to always do better.

Geoff Russell

Carita Clancy
Chief Executive Officer


This year our service experienced a


Increase in referrals with 6% increase in admissions.


Increase in client deaths with 68% of all deaths occurring at home.


Of patients died in their place of choice, while 12% their choice of place of death was not met and 12% were unknown.


Increase in afterhours calls with 50% of calls result in in call outs. This is up from the previous year 37% of calls resulted in call outs.


Increase in total contacts.

Key Service Statistics






individual patients
(Avg per month)






individual service contacts
(Avg per month)




Home deaths


After hours contacts
(Avg per month)








individual patients
(Avg per month)


After hours contacts
(Avg per month)




Home deaths




individual service contacts
(Avg per month)

We welcomed two new Palliative Care Nurses and two Supportive Care Advisors to our team, increasing our specialist palliative care capacity to meet the increasing needs of our community. Our team constantly demonstrated their professional willingness, care and resilience to overcome the changing circumstances to provide care during a pandemic, which included:

  • developing a Covid safe plan.
  • following the current health advice from the Chief Health Officer.
  • adapting our policies and guidelines as needed.
  • staying aware of the latest Covid19 exposure site sites.
  • working from home when required.
  • taking all precautions necessary to keep our patients, their carers and families safe as well as protecting ourselves.
  • Covid19 testing, isolating or quarantining when required and then waiting patiently for results.
  • remaining responsive and resilient while managing work life balance with the support of the organisation.


Our team’s support and care for our patients, carers, families and each other is true willingness in action. They continually strived to demonstrate teamwork to ensure patients live and die well in their place of choice; where choice for care at home has significantly increased throughout the pandemic.

During rare moments between lockdowns and required social distancing we enjoyed gathering together safely to be present for each other.

Our Supportive Care Advisors complement specialist palliative care nursing through their assistance to patients, their carers and families to live quality lives. This may include access to:

  • financial information.
  • practical support.
  • home cleaning.
  • help with showers.
  • mowing and gardening.
  • transport and home delivered meals.


They work closely with Commonwealth, State and local government services, and a range of community-based services and carer support organisations to support our patients and their families.

The work of Ballarat Hospice Care continues to be strengthened and enhanced by our dedicated Supportive Care volunteers who generously provide valuable connection with patients and carers; offering practical help with transport, shopping, or other tasks such as light gardening or dog walking. While it has mostly been phone conversations with our patients this year, the volunteers meet monthly with Supportive Care for information updates, and to build connections with each other. It was particularly pleasing to welcome new volunteers this year which increased our capacity to care.

Our grief and bereavement support aligns with the Bereavement Support Standards for Specialist Palliative Care Services. We continue to care for bereaved family members after the death of their loved one. This includes phone calls, personalised mail and an invitation to remember their loved person at the annual Ceremony of Remembrance; an event planned with Gandarra, the inpatient palliative care unit at Ballarat Health Services. While the 2020 event was not possible due to Covid19 restrictions, we connected with carers and families through a letter and reflection from our CEO and Maree Kewish, Gandarra Nurse Unit Manager to let people know that while we could not gather together, they continue to be in our thoughts.

Of special note this year to raise awareness of the importance of future planning, or Advance Care Planning; our team presented three What Matters Most sessions to receptive audiences at the Palliative Care Hub and the Lucas Lifestyle Village. All participants highly rated the interactive sessions with feedback comments indicating they were ready to progress their own plans for the future.

A special acknowledgement to the Grampians Region Palliative Care Consortium for funding professional development opportunities that were eagerly embraced by our team. Further education has been supported for nursing and supportive care staff. These learning experiences continue to strengthen our team’s knowledge, skills and ability that in turn benefit our patients and families as well as strengthening palliative care capacity in the Grampians region.

Equipment Loans

Over 750 individual items of equipment were loaned to patients.

The most frequently loaned items to assist patients with daily living activities, comfort and movement include electric beds, air mattresses, oxygen concentrators, electric recliner chairs, shower stools or chairs, over toilet frames and wheelie walkers. Our community continues to support our service with generous financial donations that assist equipment purchases enabling people to remain at home more comfortably.

Our community continues to support our service with generous financial donations that assist equipment purchases enabling people to remain at home more comfortably.

Research and Quality Improvement

Building on our Quality Work Plan from a successful accreditation audit in 2020, we continue to monitor and respond to Legislative Compliance and Department of Health guidelines in how we work together keeping our staff, volunteers, patients and their families safe. We anticipate a positive Quality Innovation Council (QIC) and Rainbow Tick mid cycle review due December 2021. Our processes are on track and we look forward to the support and guidance of QIP to continue achieving improvements for the benefit of our community.

Rapid Discharge

Meeting the choices of people needing palliative care and wanting to be discharged from acute hospital to home for ongoing care and to die at home:

Project Partners
Ballarat Health Services
Grampians Regional Palliative Care Team
(Ballarat Health Services)

Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, 2019 Palliative Care Service Innovation and Development Grant

September 2019 – July 2021

Approved by the Ballarat Health Services and St John of God Healthcare Human Research Ethics Committee (ERM 64367).

Patient-centred care is about providing the best care possible while considering patient needs and preferences. This includes being cared for and dying in one’s place of choice. Being cared for and dying in one’s preferred location is considered an integral part of living and dying well. Many people wish to die in their home as they often have a strong connection to this place. Home offers a sense of belonging and social connection, familiar people, objects and surroundings, which is especially comforting at this time.

However, when approaching the end of life, planned hospital admission as well as unexpected presentations to the Emergency Department and hospital stays are common.

This project was concerned with limiting preventable visits to the Emergency Department and inpatient hospital stays, while supporting the timely, smooth, safe and sustainable return of people with an advanced lifelimiting illness back home; especially when the patient and family identify that their preferred place of care and/or preferred place of death is within the community or ‘home’.

A comprehensive literature review on enablers and barriers to the discharge from acute hospital to home of patients who are at the end of life was conducted. The learnings were used to develop data collection tools to identify local barriers and enablers.

Data was collected through

  • widespread consultation on experiences and knowledge of local barriers and enablers;
  • Ballarat Hospice Care and Ballarat Health Services organisational procedural and governance documentation audit;
  • a retrospective patient record audit of 2019 Ballarat Hospice Care patients who died in hospital to identify processes that are enablers and barriers to patients achieving their preferred place of death;
  • a prospective patient record audit on the hospital admission and discharge journey of our patients;
  • a Ballarat Health Services healthcare worker survey;
  • patient, family and carer semi-structured interviews.


To shed light on barriers and enablers limiting preventable Emergency Department visits and inpatient hospital stays, information was gathered through conversations with experts.

Based on the identification of local barriers and enablers from the perspective of Ballarat Health Services, Ballarat Hospice Care staff as well as patients, their carers and families,

  • Ballarat Hospice Care processes were reviewed and strengthened to support staff, partnerships and resources in readiness to respond to discharges from acute hospital;
  • processes were strengthened to prepare for and respond effectively and efficiently to receive and accept the referral of new patients who wish to leave hospital to receive end of life and palliative care at home;
  • pathways, processes tools and were developed.
Our Volunteers

A special acknowledgement to our dedicated volunteers who support and contribute to our work in the community. Thank you for being there and following the public health advice to keep everyone safe. Mostly thanks for being you; and for your willingness, loyalty, care and kindness.

We are incredibly grateful for the ongoing enthusiasm and commitment of our volunteers. Whether through

  • their assistance with cleaning equipment,
  • running meditation sessions for staff,
  • sewing new aprons for our Op Shop,
  • greeting community members and helping them to feel welcome at the Hub,
  • putting together PPE packs,
  • maintaining our beautiful gardens,
  • supporting administration and quality improvement,
  • preparing our Op Shop for re-opening, or
  • sharing an encouraging word.


New recruitment process

This year we launched a new volunteer recruitment process. Beginning with an information session facilitated by staff and volunteers; this new process aims to support potential volunteers every step of the way while maintaining the high level of standard our volunteering program has.

The first round of information’s sessions saw a total of 30 community members attend the Palliative Care Hub to learn more about the organisation and current volunteering opportunities. Twenty people went on to complete our new one day General Training session and ten of these also completed our Palliative Care Volunteer training. As a result, we saw the recruitment of 16 new volunteers across the following areas:

  • 10 new Supportive Care volunteers (Jan, Jenny, Kara, Katrina, Mandy, Markeeta, Michael, Pauline, Sharon and Vicki)
  • 3 new Op Shop volunteers (Anne, Heather and Mim) and
  • 3 new Administration volunteers (Jan, Jenny and Julie).


Our volunteers demonstrated their commitment to Ballarat Hospice Care as a Child Safe organisation by obtaining Working With Children Checks in addition to their National Police Check.


This year staff, volunteers and members, gathered to celebrate our volunteers and the enormous contribution they make over a shared breakfast together. Geoff Russell our Chair conveyed a beautiful, heartfelt message to our volunteers at the celebration.

Donations In Memory

Ann Gooding

Aoife Connors

Arlene Hailstone

Barry Robins

Ben Whyman

BHS Anaesthetic Department

Carmel Brown

Cheryl Green

Chris Barrett


David Henderson

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V. Dimopoulos

Yvonne Garland

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A W & I Jolly

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Barry Johnson

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Black Hill Primary School

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Susan Honeyman

Tracey Foley

Tregenna Family

V J Edlund

Veronica Spielvogel

William J Sleep

Yvonne Koelle

Zia Browne


Barbara Worrall

Barry Macklin

Brendon Butler

David Leach

Debbie Cane

Delia Brooks

Don & Sharon Moss

Emma B Cadby

Frances Grady

Gail Neill

Gayle McCarthy

Geoff Russell

H W Menadue

Helen Barton & Family

Herbert Smith

Jillian Gale

Jim Watson

John Plush

Keith Ridsdale

Keryn & Bryan Crebbin

Kevin Allen

Kevin Harper

Lorraine Ellis

Malcolm Weaver

Mandy Macdonald

Mary Haintz

Meredith Johnson

Neale Gribble

Pat Cashin

Robin Uebergang

Rod Clayton

Rosemary Powell

Ruby Folley

Ruth Devlin

Sandra Marston

Stephen Lewis

Susan Honeyman

William J Sleep

Yvonne Koelle

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