Testing new ways of providing palliative care in a rural community.

Full project title:  Implementing Telehealth in Regional and Rural Community Palliative Care

Funding:  Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria

Project run time:  September 2018 – June 2019

Ethics:  Low Risk Research, reviewed by BHS and StJoG Healthcare Human Research Ethics Committee



To test new ways of providing palliative care in a rural community by building on the findings of two previous projects (‘Patient phone visits project’ and ‘Telehealth at Ballarat Hospice Care Inc.’).

Project aims:

  1. To increase the capability of staff (nursing and supportive care teams) to use telehealth, with the emphasis on video-call applications, in order to improve the care delivered to their patients during a video call.
  2. To provide patient-centred care in regards to communication: using technologies and applications that patients already have and feel confident using and giving patients their preferred choice of communication.
  3. To determine if video-calls are viable and effective in the after-hours and crisis call setting.
  4. To enhance connection with other health professionals through the use of video conferencing.

The project

What did we do?

In collaboration with nursing staff, the following processes and tools were developed, tested, reviewed and revised:

  • A process map for the use of video during an unplanned audio call
  • Staff procedures for scheduled and unscheduled video calls
  • Satisfaction check lists for patients, nursing staff and other health professionals
  • A screening tool for the telehealth capability of patients
  • Patient journey map through BHCI.

What changed?

  • Relevant tools were incorporated in the BHCI model of care.
  • Nurse initiated video calls have been introduced to after-hours care.
  • Telehealth has been tested with other health professionals in settings when the patient is present and not present.

Publications and presentations

Presentation prepared for the Oceanic Palliative Care Conference 2019, 10-13 September 2019, Perth, Australia


Staff training resources and templates

1_Telehealth Training Resource Pack_Trainer Manual_V1_25.06.2020

2_Telehealth Training Resource Pack_Staff Training_Module 1 Introduction_V1_25.06.2020

3_Telehealth Training Resource Pack_Staff Training_Module 2 Tools and Process Maps_V1_25.06.2020

4_Telehealth Training Resource_Staff Training_Module 3 Practical training_V1__25.06.2020

5_Telehealth Training Resource Pack_ Staff Training_Module 4 Video Use Guide_V1_25.06.2020

6_Telehealth Training Resource Pack_Implementation Evaluation Template_V2_26.03.2020

Patient information for Face Time users and for Skype users

How to prepare for your video call

How to use FaceTime

How to use Skype