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We make a difference.providing home based palliative care
It's your choice.a terminal illness does not have to force you from the comfort of your home
Growing our future.housing our home based palliative care service

Ballarat Hospice Care sees the Person beyond the illness

We provide a respectful service that doesn’t take over, and strive to give our patients control. By bringing trained specialists together with doctors, nurses, counsellors and volunteers in a team-based approach, we make a difference to the quality of life during serious illness for both our patients and their families. We share information, explain treatment options and manage symptoms like pain, nausea, and fatigue. In-home palliative care is about treating the patient as well as the disease.

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For PatientsPalliative care focuses on quality of life for patients and their families, who are facing problems associated with life-threatening illness. Ballarat Hospice cares for you and your carers by identifying your individual needs and concerns based on your physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs. Read More
For CarersBallarat Hospice Care helps carers to support their loved one to live well and die in their own home. We ensure carers and families are well informed, openly communicated with and supported to manage the dying and grieving process. Read More
EducationProvision of education by Ballarat Hospice Care staff is a key element in supporting patients and their families and carers at home – from strategies to manage symptoms, utilising equipment, through to providing practical aspects of care and caring for carers.Read More

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Marion McCabe doesn’t ever resent being one of the 730 Australians diagnosed with motor neurone disease annually.MARION’S STORY
When he died, he was with us and it was almost like he felt no pain. I just think we were lucky to have had that time with him.ALLANAH’S STORY
But one of the best things Ballarat Hospice Care taught us was not to be afraid of death. Moira was very accepting of it.GEORGE’S STORY
We’re always looking at opportunities for education and providing opportunities for our staff to engage in professional care.MEL’S STORY
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