We make a difference

Our holistic approach to care means that we walk alongside people; supporting and caring for them. 

We ensure our services are responsive to the individual needs of each patient, carer and family; and provide in-home specialist palliative care, addressing physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. 

We also work closely with other health and community services.

We offer:

  • in home free specialist palliative care nursing 
  • access to 24 hour nursing support – that’s scheduled home visits during weekdays and access to phone based nurse support after hours and on weekends
  • volunteer support 
  • support to make current and future care choices 
  • carer and patient education 
  • free equipment loan to enhance comfort and safety. 
SINCE 1985

What is palliative care?

Palliative care is a service provided to people of any age with a life-limiting illness. When a cure is no longer the aim of treatment, palliative care focuses on maintaining the highest possible quality of life for the individual. 

Palliative care is not just for patients. It is also for carers, family members, neighbours, and friends. We are here to provide support to all who need us.

Educate and advocate

Offer welfare support

Liaise with GPs, and community care and health services

Offer emotional and spiritual care and bereavement support

Anyone can refer to Ballarat Hospice Care with patient consent; ideally in cooperation with the treating GP, Specialist or hospital.

Our services are at no direct charge to the patient. Funding is provided through the Victorian Department of Health, supplemented by donations and grants from our generous community.

what we do

Accessing our services

Services are offered to residents living in

  • Ballarat
  • Hepburn Shire
  • the northern end of Golden Plains Shire
  • and the western end of Moorabool Shire

View the Hospice Service Area Map.

Patients who provide their consent and where they have a

  • life limiting illness 
  • live in our service area 
  • require support to manage symptoms
  • have a preference to be cared for or to die at home may be referred to our service.


Referrals from the treating Specialist or GP are encouraged so that medical information is provided. 

Patients, carers and family members are welcome to call us and discuss their situation.

Our services and loan equipment are at no cost for our patients or their family.

Focus on the patient’s quality of life with compassion, kindness and flexibility:

  • providing 24-hour service – that’s scheduled home visits during weekdays and phone based support after-hours and on weekends
  • full assessment, care and management of pain and symptoms
  • working closely with doctors and others involved in the patient’s care
  • assisting with referrals to palliative care doctors and nurse practitioners.

Comprehensive supportive care is offered to patients, their carers and families.

Care is individual and may include:

  • advocacy; support to complete paperwork for Centrelink, superannuation, disability permits, multipurpose taxi voucher applications etc.
  • grief and bereavement support (Specialist counselling if required)
  • spiritual support – including story telling therapies
  • carer/patient support including emotional and social concerns
  • carer education
  • advance care planning
  • referral to other services.

Assisting patients to live as comfortably as possible in their home.

Equipment includes items such as:

  • shower stools and chairs
  • wheelchairs
  • electric lift chairs
  • electric beds and mattresses
  • and more.

Equipment delivery and pick-up is part of our service at no charge to our patients.


Your feedback plays an important role in helping us to improve our service