Remote Support

An alternative way to deliver care

We focus on quality of life for our patients, ensuring our services are innovative and flexible to meet the needs of each patient individually.

Telehealth is one example of our innovative service delivery, as it allows patients to receive care in any location, provided they have a laptop or computer with a camera, a tablet or  iPad or smart phone.

Video calls can be used in many situations, connecting with patients where a home visit is not possible or preferable.

SINCE 1985

Better than ever

  • convenient for the patient or carer as they can ‘visit’ with our staff anywhere that suits them
  • efficient use of time for the patient and staff
  • easy to involve family and other support people into the patient’s care.

For a video call, patients will need:

  • a private, well lit room
  • a smart phone, iPad, tablet, or a reasonably up-to-date computer
  • webcam, microphone, and speakers (built in or plug in)
  • reasonable internet connection.


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