Honouring Our Volunteer Leadership

Legacy Leaders

We acknowledge the community legacy leaders of Ballarat Hospice Care who have volunteered their time on the Board to establish, lead, guide, oversee and achieve the strategic direction of Ballarat Hospice Care.

Dr David Brumley

CHAIR 1991-1992

Carmen Bell

CHAIR 1992-1994
TREASURER 1988-1992

Bill Weidner

TREASURER 1992-1993
TREASURER 1996-2000

Bryan Crebbin

CHAIR 1996-1998
CHAIR 2001-2003

Allan Bath

CHAIR 1998-2001
DEPUTY CHAIR 1997-1998

Rex Carland

DEPUTY CHAIR 1998-2001

Justin Burke

TREASURER 2000-2003

Geoff Russell

CHAIR 2003-2022

Stephen Lewis

TREASURER 2003-2019

Michael Coleman

DEPUTY CHAIR 2012-2017

Kevin Harper

DEPUTY CHAIR 2017-2022

Sandra Marston

TREASURER 2020-2023

Meredith Johnson

DEPUTY CHAIR 2022-2024

Malcolm Weaver

CHAIR 2022-2024

Sandra Campbell

TREASURER 2023-2024


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