Learn with us

We promote and provide education to patients, their families, carers and volunteers to enable them to support people dying in their homes.
We are committed to education and building community capacity through support for graduate, undergraduate and community programs.

This includes:

  • ways to manage symptoms
  • equipment use
  • explaining practical aspects of care and
  • caring for carers.

Supporting patients and carers through education helps people to remain at home.

Supporting current and new staff through

  • a comprehensive orientation program
  • maintaining mandatory competencies and
  • identifying and supporting ongoing learning opportunities.


Overseeing and supporting students on clinical placements including

We work in partnership with

  • GPs
  • specialists
  • health services
  • district nursing services
  • aged care facilities
  • other care facilities and
  • supported accommodation.

to increase everyone’s ability to support palliative patients, families and carers in our community.

Engaging volunteers through

  • a comprehensive recruitment process
  • targeted training in line with national volunteering standards
  • ongoing support
  • and assistance to further develop a range of skills.



Your feedback plays an important role in helping us to improve our service