How you can Help

Volunteer with us

Volunteers are a vital part of our team as they enhance our work in the community.

Our volunteers are supported by a Volunteer Manager dedicated to ensuring volunteers are trained, valued and respected.

The next volunteer information sessions will be held in August 2023. 

You can attend one of the volunteer sessions on 

SINCE 1985

Volunteer roles

There are some limitations to our volunteer roles due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
We are not daunted and we’re working with our volunteers creatively; we would love to hear from you! Our volunteers provide practical and emotional support.

They are a link to the community for our patients, their carers and family; bridging the gap between health care and the community.

Here’s what volunteers do at Ballarat Hospice care:

Assisting with a variety of tasks; that could be general office work, equipment maintenance or gardening.

Enhancing our ability to achieve excellence and high quality with their expert skills and knowledge.

Promoting the importance of in-home palliative care in and around our community. They understand our organisation, palliative care and the services we deliver.

Helping us with community functions and fundraisers. Ideal for people with limited time who may be happy to volunteer on a casual or one-off basis.

  • working in our op shop
  • sorting donations
  • selling goods
  • helping with merchandise.

It’s a great opportunity to use your retail knowledge and skills for a few hours a week or fortnight.

Offering companionship and a change of routine for patients or their carers.

They may

  • transport patients to attend appointments
  • run errands
  • take patients or carers out of the house for a break
  • stay with the patient while the carer attends to things away from the home
  • do some light gardening or walk the dog.

Email – Maree is our Volunteer Manager.

Talk it over with Maree to learn more.

We will

  • work with you, to orientate and train you
  • continue to support you throughout your time as a volunteer with us.

We want your experience to be as rewarding for you as it is for our patients, their carers and family.