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George Lund describes Ballarat Hospice Care nurses as “absolute angels of mercy”.

When his wife Moira became very ill with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Ballarat Hospice Care came to their aid at just the right time.

After meeting a Ballarat Hospice Care nurse through one of their daughters, the Lunds realised the service would be able to help Moira stay at home – and pain free.

“They helped us with Moira’s condition and I was so glad they did. She never went back to hospital after that.

“The nurses became friends of our family. I only had to ring them and they’d be there.

“They also enabled me to be her proper carer. I could do lots for her.

“They were more than friends –  we became a part of the Hospice family.”

As Moira’s condition worsened, George said Ballarat Hospice Care could supply oxygen for her around the clock plus other equipment, including a hospital bed which could be raised or lowered at will.

He said the care of the Ballarat Hospice Care nurses also meant he could return to more of a normal life.

“They virtually gave me my life back.”

With Moira unable to leave her bed in the last six months, George also put in a large bedroom window so she could look out over Black Hill from their Ballarat East home.

With the help of Ballarat Hospice Care, Moira was able to die peacefully at home, surrounded by family members and having said her final goodbyes to her children and grandchildren.

“But one of the best things Ballarat Hospice Care taught us was not to be afraid of death. Moira was very accepting of it.”

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