Ballarat Hospice Care has performed well in two recent surveys of carers and patients.

Ballarat Hospice Care had four 100 per cent scores in its top six patient results areas.

These included:

  1. Length of time to start receiving Hospice care following referral;
  2. Respect shown to individuals;
  3. Experience and importance of the after-hours support service; and
  4. The overall admission experience.

The other two top-scoring areas were support of physical needs (97 per cent) and equipment availability and delivery (94 per cent).

The carers’ survey showed two perfect scores, in being treated with respect by the palliative care team and right to privacy and confidentiality.

The other four highest scores came from

  1. Taking carers’ needs into account; (96%);
  2. Carer information (96%);
  3. Being involved in decision-making for the patient’s choice of place of care and type of care (96 %); and
  4. Communication in a way carers can understand (92%) and loan equipment (also 92%).

The surveys were compiled by quality and risk co-ordinator and manager of volunteers Karen Taylor who said the results highlighted the hard work of Ballarat Hospice Care staff.

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