Ballarat Hospice Palliative Care Hub construction well underway.

The construction of the Ballarat Hospice Palliative Care Hub (hub) commenced in August 2018.  The building will house Ballarat Hospice Care, which delivers quality home-based palliative care services. The hub will also allow for innovative, flexible service options that are universally accessible, socially and culturally diverse and inviting for staff, volunteers, patients, their families and carers. The hub will be a welcoming space and provide the information and resources needed to support our community in making decisions that best suit their needs on living, dying and grieving well.

Construction of the hub is progressing very well, and is on schedule for completion mid-year. The building consists of three intersecting buildings, each with a different purpose, but collectively providing all of the elements required for Ballarat Hospice Care to continue caring for people who require palliative care services in their home and developing a comprehensive service in a warm and caring environment based on our service plan and strategic direction which will create more options in how we care for our community.

The external shell of the building is almost complete, with only a number of glass panels, cladding, and roofing elements left to install. The internal works are almost complete in the front building, with the walls and cabinetry in place, and painting and electrical works well underway.  Similar internal works have commenced in the other two buildings, with each of the trades progressing through as each stage of works has been reached.  The carpark construction and extensive landscape works will begin soon, which will give the site a beautiful inviting ambience on the outside continuing the sentiment from the interior.

The building is on budget and on track as planned to open mid-year 2019.  We couldn’t have achieved what we have so far without your help, be it direct or indirect support. The whole team from architects (Morton Dunn), builders (Resicare), Committee of Management, staff and volunteers are working together to complete a successful transition to the new hub.

Thank you from all your friends at Hospice.

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