National Palliative Care Week is Sunday 24 May thru to Saturday 30 May

Let’s acknowledge the exceptional Palliative Carers in our communities and  encourage the start of conversations so end of life choices are known and can be respected when needed.

Death is one thing we can’t avoid in life, it is hard for many of us to talk about it.

End of life and palliative care assists patients and their families to talk about death and to receive the best possible end of life care.

End of life and palliative care focuses on preferences, values, dignity and comfort, respecting that quality of life matters most.

To die well means to live well.

We can take away the fear of death by talking about it. We can let our family and friends know our wishes; plan for it as we plan for other major events in our life.

Use Palliative Care Week, to start a conversation.

Watch more short videos from our team about Palliative Care here.

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