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The impact of COVID-19 has significantly increased demand for specialist palliative care services in the home.

Pre Covid-19, Ballarat Hospice Care expected to care for an average of 166 patients in their homes at any given time during 2020. This year Ballarat Hospice Care is caring for an average of 200 patients.  A 20% increase on projections.

Ballarat Hospice Care CEO, Mrs. Carita Clancy said “While it has been a challenging year on many fronts, enduring connections within our organisation and with area hospitals and GPs is a special advantage we have to assist us. It is through those connections and partnerships we are better able to meet demand and face the COVID-19 pandemic challenges so that we are there for patients.”

Ballarat Hospice Care this year acknowledged significant anniversaries of staff and volunteers who have provided care, compassion, willingness, skills and time to be there for people at the end of their life.

Collectively a group of five staff and one volunteer have delivered over 140 years of service to Ballarat Hospice Care.

“It is truly a celebration of these enduring connections; it is something we treasure and don’t take for granted” Mrs. Clancy said.

“Having a team with a special calling who are dedicated, loyal and willing to care for people at the end of their life is what makes our profession so unique.

“Combine this with a deep knowledge, an extensive specialist skill set and expertise to care for patients, carers and families; we are positioned well.”

Specialist Palliative Care Nurse Mrs. Sharon Moss celebrated 25 years of service this year beginning as a volunteer in 1995.

Mrs.Moss was acknowledged at the Ballarat Hospice Care Annual General Meeting, she said

“We love the work we do. We learn every day and it’s an honour to be with patients and their families at one of the hardest times of their life. If you did not love the work, you would not be here.”

Photograph by Ian Kemp: Pictured from left to right Mrs. Debbie Hubble, Mrs. Mandy Martin and Mrs. Leanne Burns (Specialist Palliative Care Nurses with 20 years of service each), Mrs. Sharon Moss, (Specialist Palliative Care Nurse with 25 years of service),  Dr David Brumley (Medical Director with 23 years of service) and Mrs. Kath Connors (Volunteer with 34 years of service)

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