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Phase of Esse

Ebb and Flow Phase of Wave
In and Out Ascend and Raise
Highs and Lows, a Crash Descend
Fast and Slow, Unstitch and Mend
Up and Down, Phase of Life
Cycle New, Full and Bright
Sprouts and Blooms Emerge Retreat
Infinite and Fleeting, Awake Asleep
Divine Mundane, Destiny or Fate
Past and present, Journey Awaits
Laugh and Weep Phase of death
Loss Repair, and Renewed Breath
Hurt and Heal, Stagnate and Change
Recover Anew, a Life Rearranged
Heartfelt Pain, Memories of You
Released in Peace and Soulful Hue!

By Stacie Nawodycz 

Photo by Oliver Pacas on Unsplash
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