How You Can Help

Make a Bequest

Leaving a gift will help more patients to live and die well in their home.

When the time comes to making your will, you may consider leaving a gift to Ballarat Hospice Care. By leaving a gift, or bequest, you help us to continue delivering in-home specialist palliative care and support for people facing life-limiting illness. Only you can decide who will benefit in your will and to whom your estate is bequeathed.

Why would I leave a Bequest to Ballarat Hospice Care?

You may have a family member, friend or colleague who sought end-of-life care from Ballarat Hospice Care and now wish to leave a bequest to help us continue to offer specialist palliative care service to future generations.

Perhaps you may know about the good work carried out by Ballarat Hospice Care and understand that we rely on generous donations and financial contributions to grow our service.

A gift in your will helps people in our community receive in-home specialist palliative care into the future.

To speak with us about a bequest, call (03) 5333 1118 or email

Preparing your will

It is essential to seek legal advice when making your will. Should you wish to support Ballarat Hospice Care with a gift in your will, the appropriate wording is as follows:  “I give, devise and bequeath to Ballarat Hospice Care Inc. for the use and benefit of Ballarat Hospice Care at Ballarat. I declare that the receipt of the Chief Executive Officer or other authorised officer for the time being of the said Ballarat Hospice Care shall be full and sufficient discharge to my executor for administration of this bequest”

We can provide further information regarding a bequest in the Ballarat Hospice Care ‘Leaving a Gift to Hospice’ booklet. For a copy phone (03) 5333 1118 or email: