312 Drummond St Sth, Ballarat Vic 3350

Phone: (03) 5333 1118

What We Do


We help carers to support their loved one to live well and die in their home.

We ensure carers and families are well informed, openly communicated with and supported to manage the dying and grieving process.

Carers of patients with Ballarat Hospice are offered an education program that provides practical information about palliative care and the caring role.  The Program is presented over three consecutive weeks in a relaxed, informal manner which encourages participants to interact with presenters.

We work within the Carers Recognition Act 2012

Ballarat Hospice Also Provides Bereavement Support To Families And Carers.

The grief and loss experienced by the death of a loved one is different for each person. This experience is one of the most traumatic events that can occur in our lives. Through our own personal resources and resilience, and through the support of others, we come to incorporate the experience into our lives. However, some people will require additional professional support at different times of the grieving process. Our counsellors may be able to assist as part of the bereavement support component of the palliative care service.

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