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What We Do


We promote education and provide a range of programs and services to patients, their families, carers and volunteers which help develop, train and educate to support people dying in their homes.

Provision of education by Ballarat Hospice Care staff is a key element in supporting patients and their families and carers at home – from strategies to manage symptoms and utilising equipment, through to providing practical aspects of care and caring for carers. Supporting patients and carers through education enables people to remain at home whilst this is their preference.

The role of the Palliative Care Educator was formalised in 2016, an exciting development for Ballarat Hospice Care. The five areas below will be the initial focus for the role with further development and opportunities incorporated as the role progresses.


  • Undergraduate clinical placement
  • New and current staff

Supporting current and new staff to the organisation through the provision of a comprehensive orientation program, maintaining mandatory competencies and identifying/supporting ongoing learning opportunities.

Overseeing and supporting students whilst on clinical placements – undergraduate nursing students, medical students, PEPA placement (www.pepaeducation.com)


A new and exciting opportunity for Ballarat Hospice Care to support graduate nurses during their rotation through community palliative care.

Working in collaboration with Ballarat Health Services and Ballarat District Nursing and Health Care Group in being able to offer this rotation.

Graduate nurses are supported through the rotation following comprehensive orientation program and education addressing individual learning objectives.

Graduate nurses experience community palliative care nursing in a supported environment which may help to recruit staff for the future and to spread the messages of palliative care principles.

Community group education in Ballarat and surrounding districts

Liaising, collaborating with and provision of education to key stakeholders in the Ballarat Hospice Care service area (health services, district nursing services, aged care facilities, other care facilities and supported accommodation) to increase ability to support patients, families and carers in the community.


Trained Patient Support Volunteers focus on bringing normality back to life and provide a link to community for patients, their carers and family.  They bridge the gulf between medical professionals and community and provide valued support through offering respite, transport and friendship.

Volunteers are trained in accordance with volunteer training standards.