What We Do


Ballarat Hospice Care provides 24-hour, home based, holistic, specialist palliative care for people with a life limiting illness.

Our team of specialist palliative care nurses, supportive care workers, and patient and family support volunteers support the patient, their carers and families.

Our care is

  • delivered in your home
  • holistic
  • compassionate
  • innovative and
  • flexible.

Palliative care aims to

  • promote comfort
  • improve quality of life
  • support the patient
  • support family, carers and friends involved in providing care.

We strive to make a difference by

  • Providing a supportive 24-hour service
  • Providing a respectful compassionate service that guides but does not take over
  • Enriching the quality of living and dying through personalised home-based care
  • Helping patients of all ages to live well in their home
  • Providing holistic care that addresses physical, emotional, social, cultural or spiritual needs
  • Taking time to get to know what the patient and their family need to help them live, die and grieve well
  • Sharing information, knowledge and care with the patient, their carers, families and other health care providers.

Our team includes

  • specialist palliative care nurses
  • supportive care workers and
  • a specialist grief and bereavement counsellor
  • patient and family support volunteers.

Our team looks after the

  • physical
  • social
  • emotional and
  • spiritual needs of people requiring palliative care.

Our service area covers

  • Ballarat
  • Hepburn
  • Golden Plains and
  • Moorabool Shires.

More about us


  • usually care for approximately 170 registered patients
  • provide bereavement support to the carers of our patients
  • provide a free equipment loan service for our patients (wheelchairs, lift recliners, commodes and other personal items)
  • care for palliative patients of all ages; helping to fulfil their wishes to die at home
  • pride ourselves on  making a difference to the people we care for.

Palliative Care definition

From the World Health Organisation.

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