What We Do


At Ballarat Hospice Care, we aim to provide the best community palliative care to our patients and their families.

The use of telehealth will allow us to provide care in an alternative way that some people prefer. Telehealth is the use of current technologies to provide care over a distance.

We use video calls to connect with patients when they call our after-hours emergency number and stable patients who are happy to have a phone call rather than a home visit.

Benefits of telehealth

  • Convenient for the patient or carer as they can ‘visit’ with Ballarat Hospice Care staff anywhere that suits them
  • Time efficient for both the patient and the staff
  • Easy to involve family and other support people into the patients care

What is required

For a video call, patients will need:

  • A private, well lit room
  • A smart phone, iPad, tablet, or a reasonably up-to-date computer
  • Webcam, microphone, and speakers (built in or plug in)
  • Reasonable internet connection

How to prepare for your video call

Download a pdf of this step-by-step guide